The Defender Mask Style A

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In times like these, you need protection. Sometimes the second amendment will do the job, but The Defender Mask has created a whole new amendment. The covid-19th amendment. 

The mask is made with comfortable, stretchy ties that can be simply tied behind the neck and head.   The ties can simply be cut short and stitched or tied together to form ear loops for those that want that option.  All masks will ship with the long ties.  Actual photos of the mask are shown at the end of the options gallery.  We have two sizes available, large and small.  All masks are made to order and will be made as a size large or unless specified in the notes section of the order.


**This mask is not medical grade, but is made with two layers of a dri-fit style fabric that has a layer of fusible interface between to create a better barrier, while maintaining a lighter feel and better breathability.**



We are shipping all of our masks with the tie option but we wanted to show what it looks like when it is finished for those wanting the ear loops. You can see in the photos that the bottom strap is 99% cut and just a small portion remains to fold over the top strap (that has been cut to fit around the ear). This is a very simple procedure. You can see where we stitched it using the black thread. 

If you didn't want to use the stitching method, you could simply cut the two straps and tie them together. Anyway, just wanted to show how it can be done. The loops are still soft and stretchy and feels much better than the thin elastic cords that are out there.